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Are sagging eyelids affecting your confidence or hindering your vision? Ptosis surgery might be the solution you’re seeking, especially at our clinic in Dubai, led by one of the best surgeons in Dubai.

What is Ptosis? 

Ptosis, commonly known as droopy eyelids, can result from genetics, age, muscle weakness, nerve damage, or injury, leading to both cosmetic concerns and potential vision impairment. At Life Maral Dental & Dermatology Center in Dubai, our experienced Oculoplastic surgeon with over 20 years of expertise in blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery ensures natural yet beautiful results.

Who is a good candidate for Ptosis Surgery?

Best Ptosis Surgery (eyelid surgery) in Dubai

Ideal candidates for ptosis surgery at our Dubai clinic include individuals experiencing:

  1. Vision Obstruction: If drooping eyelids significantly obstruct your vision, impacting daily activities like driving or reading.
  2. Cosmetic Concerns: Those seeking to rejuvenate their appearance by correcting sagging eyelids.
  3. Functional Impairment: Patients experiencing discomfort or strain due to constantly lifting their eyelids to see clearly.

How Does Ptosis Surgery Work in our Clinic in Dubai?

Ptosis surgery aims to lift the eyelid to its proper position, enhancing both appearance and functionality. The procedure typically involves tightening the levator muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid or reattaching the muscle to the eyelid if it has detached. In some cases, excess skin or fat may also be removed to achieve optimal results.

During your consultation at our Dubai clinic, our experienced oculoplastic surgeon, renowned as one of the best in Dubai, will assess your condition and tailor a treatment plan to address your unique needs. 

Schedule your consultation for ptosis surgery today at our renowned clinic in Dubai to take the first step towards brighter, more lifted eyes.

Why Choose Us?

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At Maral Medical, our experienced and skilled plastic surgeons have a deep understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics. During a personalized consultation, they will carefully assess your unique facial features and listen to your specific goals. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible outcomes, tailored to your preferences and desires.

To see more of our ptosis surgery before and after cases in Dubai, please scroll down or visit our gallery. 

Enhance your natural beauty

Our experienced surgeons in Dubai emphasize natural results to make sure that your Ptosis surgery enhances the beauty of your eyes without giving a fake appearance.

Schedule a consultation with our skilled surgeons to discuss your Ptosis Surgery options and start your journey towards refreshed and revitalized eyes.

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Before and After Gallery

Scroll to see some of the cases of our blepharoplasty patients. These cases showcase the expertise of our experienced surgeon specialized in blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), who is one of the best in Dubai. Just a disclaimer that results differ from patient to patient.

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Ideal candidates for blepharoplasty are individuals with excess skin and fat in their eyelids, experiencing puffiness or sagging that affects their appearance or vision. A consultation with our plastic surgeons in Dubai will determine your eligibility for the procedure.

Our skilled surgeons in Dubai are meticulous in their approach, placing incisions discreetly along the natural contours of your eyelids, which helps minimize the visibility of scars over time.

The recovery period varies for each individual, but most patients can resume normal activities within a week or two after the surgery. Strenuous activities and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks to allow proper healing.

The results of Ptosis Surgery are long-lasting. While the natural aging process continues, many patients enjoy the rejuvenated appearance of their eyes for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore our patients most FAQs regarding blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery. If you have additional inquiries or wish to schedule a consultation in Dubai, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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